Okay, that title might seem a bit out of left field… But if you’ve been following my favorite boys of winter (the Washington Caps,
baby!), you’ll know that after Olie’s poor performance on Saturday’s
game in Atlanta (8-1, how the hell does that happen??) yelling that
kind of seemed warranted. LOL. Yup, if you were at the game this
afternoon and heard that after the Rangers made the first goal, that
was me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today was a happy day for me. One of those all-about-me
days. (Those have very few and quite far between these past few
months.) My friend Dani and I headed out to see the Caps play the
Rangers this afternoon… my first game back since the lockout. Man,
was it a good game! We won, 3-2 – there was definitely some worrying
right up to the end of the 3rd period, hehe.

Even better, Dani and I played some Musical Chairs throughout the game… We started off with this view from section 407:


bad, right? A great overall view of the ice – the seats weren’t too
high up… but Dani found out that her friend with the much better
seats was at the arena, so after the 1st period we set out to "visit"
her. (The arena was only about 1/2 full, so we decided we’d at least
give it a try.) We get down there, but no friend in sight, so we settle
in a bit further up from her friend’s seats… and get this view:



not bad (especially since I was able to get a pic of my future husband,
Jeff Halpern #11)… but it can definitely be better! ๐Ÿ™‚



I can say is I am now so spoiled when it comes to seating at the MCI
Center! It’s really a whole new world when you can actually see what’s
going on in all the skirmishes on the ice… or actual facial
expressions- both when they’re skating and when they’re getting smashed
into the glass! Halfway through the 3rd period I started wondering how
I could manage to get season tickets for those seats… Still thinking
about it, actually. Not that I can afford them… but they’re my boys!

Treating myself to this definitely kept my mind off other things
that have been bothering me. Work life HAS NOT been pleasant, to say
the least. Without going into too many details, my boss is a hypomanic,
type AAA person, who needs to micromanage every single detail of the
day… not giving me a chance to do my actual job. She also talks about
me to customers, vendors and employees, undermining any authority I
might have, then turns around and pretends to be all buddy-buddy with
me. I’ve turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to most of it all,
attributing it to personal issues and she’s just taking out frustration
on me. Well, no more. Absolutely not. Not after I get a call while
she’s out of the fucking country to yell at me. I didn’t answer it when
I saw that it was her b/c I had no reception at the time… so she
proceeded to leave me a ranting message which just gave me the push off
the cliff that I needed to start a job hunt. I’m planning on continuing
to sidestep her calls for a bit – I’m still so riled up about it all
that if I talk to her, I’ll probably quit right on the spot. I need to
have a job lined up before I leave… Anyone got any ideas? I’m
currently in retail management, so with the holiday season fast
approaching, I’m going to need to find a job rather quickly if I want
to be trained and ready to go for Christmas. I keep thinking that I
should get out of retail… but I always return to it. Always. I have
no idea why. I must be a masochist or something. *sigh*