April Photo a Day – week two

1. Day 8: What’s in your wallet, 2. Day 9: Younger you, 3. Day 10: Cold, 4. Day 11: Where you ate your breakfast, 5. Day 11: Stairs, 6. Day 13: Something you found, 7. Day 14: How you’re feeling

Yes, there are two Day 11s in there, oops. I was exhausted that day. Heh. Still going strong, though.


Your week: one word

Wow, sorry this is late again, but time gets away from me.* This week’s word is sports. Yes, it’s been a sports-filled week around here. With the Stanley Cup Playoffs starting this past week, I can say that I’ve been pretty much camped out in front of a TV with beer. As of today, the Washington Capitals have tied up their series with the Boston Bruins at one game a piece, despite appalling reffing. (On both sides and throughout the first rounds – but that’s a post for another day.)

Wednesday was the start of playoffs, but the Caps didn’t play until Thursday night, where we lost 0-1, in overtime. We had a rookie goalie in the net who was playing like he had ice in his veins. So a loss in OT? Not so bad. We didn’t play again until Saturday afternoon and this time won, in double OT, 2-1. Awesome. In between games, I’ve been keeping up with the other games in the league – I’ve got my bracket picked out, and I totally admit to being a homer when it comes to the bracket. 🙂

Friday, Dani asked if I wanted to go to the Washington Nationals game that night. Her friend, E, had free tickets to the game through work. (Thanks E’s work!) While I had things I should have done, of course I went. 🙂 What is surprising to me, is that while baseball is a fairly simple game to understand, I understand hockey a hell of a lot more. The Nats won, couldn’t tell you the score, in extra innings. It seems like my luck with extending games to OT extended to a totally different sport. Sorry!

I’ve never considered myself a sporty kind of girl, but when it comes to hockey, heaven help you if you’re dating me. Hell, I’ve already warned friends (who really didn’t need it) that until our run in the playoffs is done, I won’t be talking about much else.

* I’ll just say this right now, there may not be a One Word post next week. If so, it will be very late. I’ll make up for it the week after, though! It’s a camping weekend and it’ll be hard enough to keep up with the April Photo a Day challenge. 

Your week: one word

Sorry for the delayed post! I had a different word for this week, but couldn’t find what I was looking for to photograph, so I went with a back-up.

This week was a difficult one to decide on just one word – but I eventually decided on kitchen. Boring, possibly, but it fits. This week, I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time in the kitchen, determined to cook. Last Sunday I made bread (awesome), I’ve baked, I’ve made breakfasts for the next week, dinners… all in all, I’m becoming a lot more comfortable in the kitchen. A few years ago, you wouldn’t have been able to get me to spend any time in there voluntarily. Hell, in my old place, I probably ate out more than I cooked in my kitchen (which is just a shame).

All this time in the kitchen has definitely been doing one thing: helping me spend less money, though I tend to go to the grocery store more often than I usually do. (Foursquare has a badge for everything else, they should have one for days in a grocery store. I probably hit one 6 out of the last 7 days – in some cases more than once in a day.) Well, maybe my spending has just evened out, because looking at my bank account yesterday was just a sad thing, but it feels like I’m spending less (at least it does when I’m not spending $24 on backfin crab meat, *sigh*).

So much more happened this week: I got to go to the last Caps home game of the season with one of my besties (courtesy of a very generous friend), I went on a mini-photowalk, took on more things at the shop (I’ll be doing finishing of handknit projects), knitting furiously to meet a deadline for sample knitting, and got to watch a thoroughly satisfying Caps game tonight – our last regulation game of the season. Playoffs start next week… while I’m excited, I’m cautious.

Sometimes I wonder why I still love hockey…

Dear Hockey Gods,

Is it too much to ask to get my team to play like they actually want to make it into the playoffs? I love this team, I certainly do, but this crap is driving me insane. We fired a coach that wasn’t reaching the team anymore, I get that – he turned us around when we really needed it and once the team stopped listening, he needed to go. So we bring in a new coach, a former player for us, and… nothing. If anything, we’re still playing with that same lack of interest we had before.

Are we just bored with winning the Southeast? Are we bored with the playoffs? The team members are telling us no, that they want the Stanley Cup more than ever, but they’re not playing like it. We brought in new blood and that just doesn’t seem to have helped at all. The goalie who should have been our #1 is injured and will, most likely, be out for the rest of the season (D brought up this when we were talking the other day: with our history of goalie injuries, perhaps we should look at the conditioning and training program?), we’ve got a defense that doesn’t seem to know what defending the goal/goalie actually means, and we’ve got a captain who just isn’t looking as hot on the ice as he once was. What’s happened?

I know that I still love hockey – and I still love my boys, even if they frustrate me to no end. Two more games and we’ll see if we make the playoffs – then I can start with the countdown to heartbreak. *sigh* So, if you’re out there hockey gods, I’d appreciate it if you’d send us a little help.



I made bread! Who knew?


I’m not quite sure when the trend to make things became the “in” thing to do, I mean, I’ve been trying things for years. More often than not, I get bored or impatient quickly and drop whatever it is I’m trying to do. Then there are things like knitting, which started off as away to keep busy and became a huge part of my life.

One area I’ve never been able to master to my satisfaction is the kitchen. As long as a recipe is involved, or I’ve made a dish before, I can cook – and I’m not bad at it. I’ve always baked, and have felt comfortable with that skill, except for two things that eluded me: pie crust and bread. Today, I can cross bread off of the list. I have made bread. Bread that is not only edible, but that tastes just as it should.

It seems so simple to just run to the store and grab a loaf – and don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m never going to do that again – but when one of my dearest friends started baking bread, I had to give it another shot. My first time making bread was from a mix and was like a rock, both in feel and taste. This time I decided to jump in with both feet and start from scratch. Everything about this was made by hand, as I don’t have a stand mixer anymore, and I was surprised at how it made me feel: calm, relaxed, resourceful, and powerful. It’s a simple wheat bread: dense, but not heavy. Ideal slathered with butter and eaten warm. I believe I’ll try and toast it and have a BLT.

So today I have made bread. It may not be a big deal to most people, but it is to me.

Your week: one word


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Describe Your Week - Week 2

So maybe it’s a bit of a cheat to use my laptop monitor to describe my week, but damned if it doesn’t say what I’m feeling. 🙂

Yes, this week’s word is happy. No, it’s not just because my favorite team won last night (when all game it looked like our chances of making it into the playoffs were going to be even slimmer…), this entire week (except for the Buffalo game on Tuesday) was a happy week.

My boss was in town all week and while I never have any cause to be nervous when she visits the office, I was this time. Why? It was time for my annual review. Yes kids, it’s been a year since I wrote about interviewing and wanting this job – and it’s been a good one. Now I know what I do and that I do a good job, she tells me that she knows that I work hard all the time, but when it comes time to review it, I get nervous. (Never mind that it was also my first review in YEARS.) I’m much harsher on myself than she is. She told me how much of an asset I am to the team and how she knows she can give me a project and she knows that I’ll give her the desired result. (She’s Type A and it takes a lot to earn her trust and let go.) She knows what I want to do with this position and how I want to make it grow. Which ended with her telling me that I’m awesome (literally) and placing a bit more responsibility on my plate with my Ongoing Big Project. It’s good to know that I’m wanted and needed.

Now top that off with a Caps win on Sunday and one last night… not bad at all. (I’ve got my fingers crossed for a win tomorrow night for us and a loss for Buffalo to the Pens tonight. Maybe the hockey gods are listening? Please?) I’ll leave you with my favorite part of last night’s game: Brooks Laich’s winning shootout goal and Tim Thomas’s skate off the ice. Just watch to the end.

Your week: one word

Describe your week in one word: coffee.

If you could describe your week in just one word, what would it be?

I’ve decided to take baby steps to get back into photography and blogging. I mean, I have this thing, I should use it, right?

Photography has always been a love of mine, but with my Big Girl Camera (my precious DSLR) accidentally packed away in storage for 7 months (and recently retrieved), it’s fallen by the wayside. Now, this doesn’t mean I didn’t have cameras in my possession during this time – I had my trusty P&S and the camera apps on my iPhone, but they just didn’t seem “real” to me. Now that I have the BGC back, I need to get back into using it, getting to know it again, if you will – but I also want to explore what I can do with the other cameras. I’ve seen so much great iPhone-photography out there, that I’m willing to try.

A friend on Facebook has been participating in the March Photo a Day and put up the list of pictures for Photo a Day April (#photoadayApril). I plan on using my phone for most of the month, hey, it’s what I have on me all the time, but I’m hoping to double up on some days with shots from the DSLR. Which brings me to this post.

The person behind the Photo a Day April, fatmumslim, has a cute blog where she talks about life and photography (and she lives in Sydney! love.) and she does this “describe your week in one word” thing, which I think is brilliant and have borrowed the idea. If anything, it’ll get me to blog at least once a week, hopefully more. (So, Chantelle, if you ever see this post, thank you for inspiring me to start with the photography and blogging again.)

Let’s see how this goes. 🙂


Why, hello there.

Wow, there are a lot of cobwebs around here. It seems that I only post when something really pisses me off, or when I’m… well, pissed off. That needs to change. I keep thinking of a million things that I *could* blog about, but never get around to writing. Now that one of my favorite people has started following this poor shell of a blog, perhaps I should get around to writing more? (She says as she should actually get back to work… Hey, no one ever said it was easy.) All I can do is try, right?

Welcome to 2012

For once, I’m kinda sad to see a year go – 2011 was a good one for me, overall. I finally found a job after 7 months of unemployment, one that is radically different from my previous one, and the fact that I love it has been a bit of a surprise. I’ve had a few heart-to-hearts with people I haven’t been on the best of terms with and come out better from them. My living situation changed (and hopefully it’ll change again in 2012)… I discovered just who I can depend on – and have realized that I’m a damn lucky woman. Romantically, I’ve kind of reunited with K – yes, I know, he has his issues and I have mine. 

So, here’s hoping that 2012 is just as good of a year to me as 2011 was. I could do with a little less of the troubles, but that’s part of what makes the world go around, right? I mean if it was all happy all the time, we’d be living in a sitcom.