RitarocksWhile at South Austin Grill Wednesday night with Kel and Rossana, I looked at the drink menu and had to order one of these in honor of one of my fave bands… yes, that’s right, the margarita was named Rita Rocks. 🙂 And oh, it so rocked. It was just what I needed after a day at work. Just strong enough to relax me, but not so strong as to make me loopy, lol.

Will someone please tell me what the connection is between alcohol and women talking about sex? The last couple of times I’ve been out for drinks with my girlfriends, the conversation always turns to sex… which is definitely to any guys’ benefits who have been within earshot of us. Hehe! (Apparently, I turn into a MUCH younger and cuter Dr. Ruth with the dispensation of the sex advice… Hmmm… maybe Kel was right – I just might be in the wrong business!)