Wow, sorry this is late again, but time gets away from me.* This week’s word is sports. Yes, it’s been a sports-filled week around here. With the Stanley Cup Playoffs starting this past week, I can say that I’ve been pretty much camped out in front of a TV with beer. As of today, the Washington Capitals have tied up their series with the Boston Bruins at one game a piece, despite appalling reffing. (On both sides and throughout the first rounds – but that’s a post for another day.)

Wednesday was the start of playoffs, but the Caps didn’t play until Thursday night, where we lost 0-1, in overtime. We had a rookie goalie in the net who was playing like he had ice in his veins. So a loss in OT? Not so bad. We didn’t play again until Saturday afternoon and this time won, in double OT, 2-1. Awesome. In between games, I’ve been keeping up with the other games in the league – I’ve got my bracket picked out, and I totally admit to being a homer when it comes to the bracket. 🙂

Friday, Dani asked if I wanted to go to the Washington Nationals game that night. Her friend, E, had free tickets to the game through work. (Thanks E’s work!) While I had things I should have done, of course I went. 🙂 What is surprising to me, is that while baseball is a fairly simple game to understand, I understand hockey a hell of a lot more. The Nats won, couldn’t tell you the score, in extra innings. It seems like my luck with extending games to OT extended to a totally different sport. Sorry!

I’ve never considered myself a sporty kind of girl, but when it comes to hockey, heaven help you if you’re dating me. Hell, I’ve already warned friends (who really didn’t need it) that until our run in the playoffs is done, I won’t be talking about much else.

* I’ll just say this right now, there may not be a One Word post next week. If so, it will be very late. I’ll make up for it the week after, though! It’s a camping weekend and it’ll be hard enough to keep up with the April Photo a Day challenge.