Dear Hockey Gods,

Is it too much to ask to get my team to play like they actually want to make it into the playoffs? I love this team, I certainly do, but this crap is driving me insane. We fired a coach that wasn’t reaching the team anymore, I get that – he turned us around when we really needed it and once the team stopped listening, he needed to go. So we bring in a new coach, a former player for us, and… nothing. If anything, we’re still playing with that same lack of interest we had before.

Are we just bored with winning the Southeast? Are we bored with the playoffs? The team members are telling us no, that they want the Stanley Cup more than ever, but they’re not playing like it. We brought in new blood and that just doesn’t seem to have helped at all. The goalie who should have been our #1 is injured and will, most likely, be out for the rest of the season (D brought up this when we were talking the other day: with our history of goalie injuries, perhaps we should look at the conditioning and training program?), we’ve got a defense that doesn’t seem to know what defending the goal/goalie actually means, and we’ve got a captain who just isn’t looking as hot on the ice as he once was. What’s happened?

I know that I still love hockey – and I still love my boys, even if they frustrate me to no end. Two more games and we’ll see if we make the playoffs – then I can start with the countdown to heartbreak. *sigh* So, if you’re out there hockey gods, I’d appreciate it if you’d send us a little help.