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Describe Your Week - Week 2

So maybe it’s a bit of a cheat to use my laptop monitor to describe my week, but damned if it doesn’t say what I’m feeling. 🙂

Yes, this week’s word is happy. No, it’s not just because my favorite team won last night (when all game it looked like our chances of making it into the playoffs were going to be even slimmer…), this entire week (except for the Buffalo game on Tuesday) was a happy week.

My boss was in town all week and while I never have any cause to be nervous when she visits the office, I was this time. Why? It was time for my annual review. Yes kids, it’s been a year since I wrote about interviewing and wanting this job – and it’s been a good one. Now I know what I do and that I do a good job, she tells me that she knows that I work hard all the time, but when it comes time to review it, I get nervous. (Never mind that it was also my first review in YEARS.) I’m much harsher on myself than she is. She told me how much of an asset I am to the team and how she knows she can give me a project and she knows that I’ll give her the desired result. (She’s Type A and it takes a lot to earn her trust and let go.) She knows what I want to do with this position and how I want to make it grow. Which ended with her telling me that I’m awesome (literally) and placing a bit more responsibility on my plate with my Ongoing Big Project. It’s good to know that I’m wanted and needed.

Now top that off with a Caps win on Sunday and one last night… not bad at all. (I’ve got my fingers crossed for a win tomorrow night for us and a loss for Buffalo to the Pens tonight. Maybe the hockey gods are listening? Please?) I’ll leave you with my favorite part of last night’s game: Brooks Laich’s winning shootout goal and Tim Thomas’s skate off the ice. Just watch to the end.