Describe your week in one word: coffee.

If you could describe your week in just one word, what would it be?

I’ve decided to take baby steps to get back into photography and blogging. I mean, I have this thing, I should use it, right?

Photography has always been a love of mine, but with my Big Girl Camera (my precious DSLR) accidentally packed away in storage for 7 months (and recently retrieved), it’s fallen by the wayside. Now, this doesn’t mean I didn’t have cameras in my possession during this time – I had my trusty P&S and the camera apps on my iPhone, but they just didn’t seem “real” to me. Now that I have the BGC back, I need to get back into using it, getting to know it again, if you will – but I also want to explore what I can do with the other cameras. I’ve seen so much great iPhone-photography out there, that I’m willing to try.

A friend on Facebook has been participating in the March Photo a Day and put up the list of pictures for Photo a Day April (#photoadayApril). I plan on using my phone for most of the month, hey, it’s what I have on me all the time, but I’m hoping to double up on some days with shots from the DSLR. Which brings me to this post.

The person behind the Photo a Day April, fatmumslim, has a cute blog where she talks about life and photography (and she lives in Sydney! love.) and she does this “describe your week in one word” thing, which I think is brilliant and have borrowed the idea. If anything, it’ll get me to blog at least once a week, hopefully more. (So, Chantelle, if you ever see this post, thank you for inspiring me to start with the photography and blogging again.)

Let’s see how this goes. đŸ™‚