Dear Michele Bachmann,

I would like to let you know that you are, to put it way nicer than I should, a twit. Why a twit? Because calling you a moron would be an insult to morons. First and foremost let me say that I’m not a Tea Partier, hell, I’m not a Republican. Yes, I’m that woman you hate – an independant, feminist Democrat. Not a bleeding heart liberal by any means, but still feet firmly on the left. I had to get that out there. My calling you a twit is not due to my Democratic Party leanings. No. My reasoning for calling you a twit is much more of a personal nature.

I knew better than to watch the debates live. However, you provide such… “interesting”… sound bites that I couldn’t miss this gem. You are criticizing Rick Perry’s stand on making sure that Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, available to all girls at a young age – NOT as you say, as a mandated vaccine, but as a choice for parents to have the vaccine administered to their daughters. You say that it’s because you’re a mom and you don’t want to take the risk for your girls. That’s all fine and good – but what if a parent wants to take that “risk”? What if a parent wants to ensure that their daughter doesn’t have to go through the pain and suffering of cervical cancer?! What then? You want to take away that right? Would you have opposed the polio vaccination when it was new? If you knew that it could prevent a lifetime of suffering? What about the MMR vaccination? Did you oppose that when your girls were entering school?

Let me tell you this – if that vaccination had been around when I was a teenager, I might be able to have kids today. No, I didn’t contract HPV at a young age, I was diagnosed at 25. My partner was someone I had been with for years. I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells ranging from levels 1 -4 . Yes, I had the whole gamut. And, luckily, I had a doctor who did everything she could to keep it from spreading any farther. Had there been something like this when I was a teenager, that might not have happened. A young woman of 25 wouldn’t have had to sit in her gynecologist’s office, sobbing, as her doctor tells her that for her to get pregnant and have kids naturally would be “a miracle.” All because of a virus. That could have been prevented long before I was struck with it. Luckily, I have a wonderful doctor who is a specialist in fertility. When the time comes (and as long as I have insurance), she will try and help, but the odds aren’t great.

Every parent has that choice to make – for their daughter. You can’t, shouldn’t, and won’t make that decision for them. If I had a daughter, I’d take her to the doctor and get her vaccinated. I know if that vaccination had been around when I was young that my mother would have taken me to get it.

Also? RU-486 (the “abortion pill”) is NOT the same as Plan B. Plan B is back up birth control, nothing more. It’s like taking a double dose of the birth control pill. It does help to prevent pregnancy, however, if an egg has been fertilized it will not terminate the pregnancy. Get your facts straight, twit. If you’re going to spout off facts on a national level, you should do your research first. Or have your speech writers and researchers do your research and drill the correct facts into your head.

Right now, I’m just waiting for you to make an even bigger fool of yourself on this national level. I think I’ll pop some popcorn and pour a glass of wine while waiting for that to happen.


Klassy (and, Ms. Bachmann, if you want a real name, just contact me, I’ll be happy to give it)