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Yes, this was from Wednesday night’s game – that nerve-wracking, gut wrenching, double OT game – I know that. The sentiment, however, is the same. History will be red. Today’s series-clincher for us has proven that we want this. Not that that’s ever been questioned, not really. But this game? It showed that we are willing to work for the Cup. That we won’t let the old superstitions about Game 5s get to us. It’s a new season, a new game, and a new opponent. Now onto Round 2 – we’ll find out our opponent soon enough. If the guys can keep the momentum going, if we, as the fans, can keep the energy flowing (in his post-game interview with John Carlson, Karl Alzner said “[The fans] come to bat for us every single time. They are the reason why we have so much energy.”), we can do this. One round at a time. Let’s do this, Caps!