Well for anyone wondering, I think that Tuesday’s interviews went well. Very well. And that’s all anyone can hope for, right?

I ended up meeting with the manager for the position I had originally applied for and, while I was nervous, we seemed to hit it off and I could relax. Mid-interview, she mentioned that with my background and my personality, I might be better suited to another position that was open – not that I wasn’t a good candidate and still in the running for this one, but that my skills could be better used in the other position. She had me speak to another person (not the manager for that job), who I got along with famously – and she noticed my handknit shawl (and was duly impressed that I had knit it, heh) – and then I had a teleconference with another person in San Antonio. Wow. I was told that the manager for the other open position would be contacting me to set up an interview if she liked my resume and the feedback from the interviews.

I went home, not quite sure how I did, but knew that I felt good about it. I knew that I had guessed correctly in dressing for the interview that morning: simple, but professional. Grey trousers, white button down, fab red Frye heels (not garish, I swear), topped by my Les Abeilles shawl draped around my neck. I didn’t want to seem too stuffy/uncomfortable by wearing a suit (I am just not a suit kind of girl), but would never think of going to an interview so dressed down that, well, I would look ridiculous and unprofessional.

After talking with my friend who told me about the job in the first place, some of the residual nerves subsided – she said that the original manager I spoke very highly of me. (Hooray!) After hearing that, I got a call from the manager I still needed to speak with – after talking with her for 20 minutes, we scheduled an interview for next Wednesday. (She’s not in the area, she’s in Boston, so she’ll be down next week.)

So, like the title says, a girl can hope.