… however, life sometimes takes over.

One of my dearest friends, D, has lost her father this evening. She lost her mother two years ago, to the month. She has been through so much, too much, and while I would love to be there for her – another friend and I were already planning to leave for Ohio tomorrow – she’s asked us to not come. And because we love her, we will respect her wishes. But oh, will we worry.

It’s funny, this group we belong to, the hash. It seems like all sorts of fun and fluff, and it is, but when it comes down to it, I have made some of my dearest friends through it. Well, that and the knitting community, which is how I met D, who then introduced me to the hash. Within seconds of my friend and I posting on Facebook that we were thinking about doing it, both communities rallied around D, knowing that we can’t make the situation any better, but wanting to help.

All I can do is splash a shot of bourbon in my tea (oh yeah, I’m sick again) and toast the two people who gave the world their wonderful daughter. We’ll take care of her, not because she needs it, but because we love her… and she’s a member of the Sisterhood. Those bonds are strong.