Photo: mikefats

The luck of thrifting, that is. I’ve got friends who can hit up a Goodwill, a thrift store, wherever and come out of there with fab finds (in their size, no less).

Me, not so much. I walk into a thrift shop and only find crap. Crap that doesn’t fit me or if it does, is insanely unfashionable. Mostly tents. Or muumuus. I know that when I walk in, I’m immediately at a disadvantage, because I’m larger than the average girl. Not insanely fat, just larger. Apparently, people who donate their clothing don’t come in my size until they are middle aged. Which sucks.

Of course I could go and buy clothing full-price and not have to deal with any of it, however, when you’re preparing to go out for job interviews for the first time in 6 years with not much money, you try to economize. I currently work in retail and don’t really own anything “interview worthy.” I’ve been able to work in jeans and a t-shirt just about every day for 6 years. I used to own suits, forever ago. Even if I still had them, I wouldn’t be able to fit into them. (I don’t mean for this to sound so down… I am very comfortable with who I am/how I look, and while I am trying to lose some of the weight for me, that’s not going to happen overnight. Plus, I’ll need a new wardrobe while my body changes, and I’m just not willing to spend a whole hell of a lot on it until then.)

For those lucky thrifters out there, what works for you? What tips can you give to someone who doesn’t visit the stores as often or is not the typical size?