All my life I’ve been a “city girl.” I’ve always felt most at home, most comfortable in a big city – you could mention going to a rural place for a camping trip or getaway and I would have laughed in your face. After asking where the nearest mall, salon, etc. were. Don’t believe me? Ask my friend J. Have him tell you about the time that I turned into an über-bitch because we were staying at an EconoLodge instead of the Sheraton next door. (Well, to be honest, I was an über-bitch before that on that day – but I hadn’t eaten that day and was sunburned… plus, the EconoLodge? There were bugs in the bathroom. Ewwww. The Princess came out.)

So, where and when did the change in me happen? I guess as I get older, I’m mellowing… The Princess tends to not come out as often (and honestly, I’m glad about that). I love going camping – my kind of camping, not real camping by any stretch of the imagination (however, I did tell K this weekend that I’m not opposed to giving it a try. WTF? Heh.) – and the idea of a quiet, weekend away in a semi-rural area appealed to me for the 4th.

I’ve done the fireworks on the Mall, at Iwo, on the Potomac, and at about any other good location you can think of over the years, and all I wanted to do was get away from DC this year. When I told K about that, he came up with this idea. He knows someone who has a summer house in a quiet, artsy area, who was willing to let us have it for the weekend. I didn’t know that was what I wanted until K told me about it. It was exactly what we needed, because we both needed to get away. We got to spend some time with a friend we both know and other friends of his eating crabs and clams, drinking lots of beer (in my case, at least, as he was driving), got to the house and just relax. Our 4th consisted of a quiet night in, watching Wall Street on cable, eating sorbet on the porch while watching the wildlife play in the lake. Perfection.

A few years ago, I would have laughed at this being my idea of perfection, but thank God I’ve grown up. While I’ll always be a bit of a city girl, as long as it’s not that far of a drive, I think I could manage being on that porch, listening to nature, talking to my guy. Unfortunately, life intervened and we both had to come back to reality much sooner than we wanted… but we’ll always have that weekend.