It all starts with a night out. A few drinks and you get creative. All of a sudden the urge to blog takes over – you have all this brilliance and no access to a computer (or no ability to type, whatever)?!?! What to do, what to do?

Well, according to WordPress, you can now phone it in. Literally.

A good idea? Perhaps, but a dangerous one. Yes, there are people who just need to blog (sober) and can’t get to a computer or own a non-smartphone and would use this for good. (Though if you own a non-smartphone in this day and age, I’m gonna say you don’t have a blog. I could be wrong.) However, I see this being used for the drunken post. The one at 2am, after a ton of drinks out with the gang, on a pub crawl. Granted, you do have to enable the feature, so there’s that.

This could rank right up there with drunk texting the inappropriate. Actually, that’s where I’m ranking it. Having had my cell phone forcibly removed from my hands for drunk texting (more than once), I think that I’m going to not enable that feature. (Though I think it’d be hilarious to read the blogs of people who do. Just sayin’. Schadenfraude and all. I’m no angel.) When texting Dani today, I mentioned this and all she had to say was “Friends don’t let friends drink and phone blog.” I promised her that I wasn’t going to be enabling this technology… as she’s the person who’s taken my cell away from me on those drunk texting nights. 😉