Dear Drama,

I would like to thank you for taking the weekend off – or at least not coming down and joining us on our camping trip in a major way. I really appreciate that.


Klassy and Friends

Yes, all in all it was a drama free weekend, which was a good thing. Considering I started out the weekend in a mood (still not sure why), I don’t think I would have handled all sorts of drama well. (Though this weekend was an eye opener in that I think I know who passed along my blog. It wasn’t who I originally thought, but it makes sense now. Thanks for that.) Lots of drinking, fun, dancing, drinking was had and even a wedding! I know at some point on both Friday and Saturday nights I toasted to this being a “No Bad Decisions Revolution” – and I stuck to that. 🙂 Woot! Was interrogated about K (a fair few of the people there are friends of mine on FB) and asked why he wasn’t there, promises were made to bring him down to meet some of my friends down that way at some point. Heh.

A great weekend had, can’t wait to do it again next year! Thanks to all the peeps who worked so hard to put it on (and kept the assholes from joining us)… Love you all! xo