Honestly? I'm back for 20 minutes and I see this?

Dear Universe,

Are you trying to tell me something and just hitting me over the head with the hints/clues? Really? Is that necessary?

I had been back in town from Carlisle all of about 20 minutes when I saw this. I was on the parkway and decided that while I was out and about already to run a couple of errands and get a late lunch at Pentagon City. So, I hit the mall and no sooner had I walked in that I saw this banner wrapped around the elevator shaft. All I could do was laugh and wonder if the universe is really telling me something.

So, yes, you might be able to tell that the weekend went really well. Aside from a little pouty-ness from me on Sunday (while K was still away at his tournament, which was totally just me blowing shit out of proportion), the time we got to spend together – and the time I got to spend on my own exploring the Carlisle Historical District was great. I got to see two of my favorite people get married in one of the most beautiful ceremonies and had lots of fun at the reception!

K wasn’t lying when he said he didn’t have a lot of “stuff.” He doesn’t. Not at his place, at least. It’s a gorgeous apartment, if a little small, with outdated, but comfy furniture… though from his description, I thought it’d be a lot less furnished than it was. Definitely less stuff than I have – and no cats to shed on everything and everybody – but really nice.

With the time we had apart with his disc golf tournament and my heading to the wedding, I got to have what I’ve needed for a while: some quiet time. I love just wandering around, exploring new places, but I also got to have some quality knitting time, catch up on some podcasts and most importantly, relax. I don’t think I’ve been this relaxed in awhile – it’s a good feeling. 🙂

I definitely didn’t want to leave this morning, but since I have a job and life here, it was necessary. (Plus that whole him having to work today thing.)