The new toy! And that's just the first page... the most used apps. I am a sucker, lol.

With the changes in my life that I anticipate happening within the next few months, I decided that my BlackBerry would be too much phone for me… That’s just weird to type, but there it is. Among the many issues that I had were that not all the OS’s were stable and AT&T was slow to roll out any new one (which is why I beta tested a lot of the “leaked” ones out there – which I will definitely miss), and the apps for BB, quite frankly, suck.

After lots of thinking about it, I decided that I wanted to give the iPhone another try. Of course, I wasn’t going to fire up my old 2G, 1st gen phone, no. I had to get a brand-new 3G. Yes, I know that Apple will more than likely be introducing their new, 4th gen phone at WWDC – but I really didn’t want to wait, I don’t anticipate there being a whole hell of a bunch of difference in the platforms from what I’ve read… and, to be totally girly, it’s not pretty. From the leaked pictures online, it looks like a bulky iPhone. Which is not what I want in a phone, anyway.

With all the issues that I’ve had with AT&T in the past (and with their doing away with their unlimited data plan… we will need to have a come-to-jesus about that one, AT&T), I’ve been a loyal customer for 13 years now – I’ve had this number and this account since 1997! WTF?! – and when push comes to shove, they’ll bend over backwards to make me happy. (And if they don’t, I keep going up the chain of command until I get someone who realizes that for a company having issues with customer retention rates it would be foolish to let someone who’s been with the company as long as I have go to another service. Holy run on sentence, Batman! Sorry about that.) I ordered the phone last Friday, late Friday night got a FedEx tracking number, saying it had shipped out 2 day air and would arrive Wednesday… FedEx delivered it on Tuesday! By that night I was uploading apps again and getting used to using it…

There has definitely been a learning curve in re-learning the iPhone. I find myself looking for the buttons I had set on the side of my BlackBerry for the camera and screenshots, or I find myself cursing the ultra sensitive touch screen while texting. Overall, after having had it for 2 days and a night, I’m loving it, but with two back to back trips on the horizon, I’ll see how it travels. (I have no doubt it’ll be great with that, hell, I took the old one to Australia!)

So, Steve Jobs, you’ve won me over again. You and  your slick Apple products… I can’t quit you! And I’m not sorry about that. Heh.