REALLY?! Yes, I know I’m a little late on this news, but condoms, lube and sex toys to advertise your douchebaggery and asshattedness? Honestly? ::shudder::

I mean, I know if a guy I wanted to sleep with pulled out one of these during sex, I’d start laughing so hard at him and would get up and leave.

What about Ed Hardy is even remotely sexy or desirable? When I think of the line I immediately think of the douches who live on the Orange Line – the Chads and Trixies – who I wouldn’t want to be sharing space with in a bar, much less closer accommodations. Or worse, that über-douche Jon Gosselin – those pictures of him and that coked out ex-girlfriend of his… again, not even REMOTELY desirable or sexy.

Okay, I think I just made myself a little sick there. Done. Let’s suffice it to say Ed Hardy sex products = not sexy. Not even a little bit. Save your money (because you know that shit’s gonna cost a pretty penny and probably not even have the same success rate) and go with a trusted name. You’ll be happier.