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Photo from The Morning News, photo by John Dyhouse

Tonight, after having one hell of a crappy day – hell, a hell of a crappy week (I know! It’s only Wednesday… well, Thursday, now since it’s after midnight), I saw a friend’s Facebook update:

I said yes!

After thinking about it for a bit – I then saw a picture on her new fiance’s feed showing their hands – and her new ring. Awwww.

Just that alone improved my day – I love both of them dearly and feel so happy that I can call them friends. So, I decided to shrug off the gloom of the week to celebrate life – and a new life together starting. (Yes, I know that’s freakin’ cheesy, whatevs. It’s making me feel better, lol.) I headed over to the bar, hung out with the happy couple and tons of our other friends… and am reminded that life is good, there are happy spots that we can focus on even when the rest of the world isn’t so great.

Thanks, you two for reminding me of that. I love you guys. 🙂