That was the text I got from Camping Boy in response to a question he had about a Facebook status update. What do you say to that?

I’ve been deliberately vague on FB with updates that pertain to the new boy (oh, we’ll call him K – since that’s his first initial and all) and his visit this weekend… but not too vague. Partly because I acknowledge that there are still feelings there for CB that yes, I probably shouldn’t have, and I don’t want to completely hurt him – yes, I am too nice for my own good. And partly because I haven’t had a chance to talk to him and tell him officially that I’m moving on. I mean, this isn’t the first guy I’ve messed around with since I wrote that post – but this is the first one that I want to talk to/see/hang out with more than just the one time. Hell, K makes me giddy, for crissakes! I haven’t felt that in a long while – and I love that feeling. (After catching a show with my friend Michelle last night, he called and she saw my face as I answered the phone to tell him that I would need him to call back. I’m fairly sure it was some sickeningly sappy grin…)

So the posting that sparked the texting conversation today:

Okay, food procured, no coffee today – but I do have caffeinated tea (I’m not crazy), now to focus on a full day here at the shop and everything I have to do at home tonight and tomorrow night in prep for Sunday. Lots to do….

Fairly innocuous, no? But that resulted in:

Him: What’s Sunday, if i may ask?
Me: A friend of mine is coming to visit.
Him: Oh good. 🙂
Me: Oh good? Heh.
Him: Well, what else should I say? Im happy ur seeing a friend 🙂

What in the hell am I supposed to make of that? No, I don’t owe him an explanation for my actions – he knows as well as I do that “friend” means “boy.” He’s a smart guy. He can do the math. (And I know him well enough that the “I’m happy you’re seeing a friend” doesn’t mean that at all.) But I’d still prefer to have the conversation face to face. *sigh*