Okay, like so many other bloggers today, I totally bogarted that picture from today’s PostSecret. And like so many other bloggers today, I’m going to tell you it’s the truth.

My mom is, and always has been, my hero and the person I most want to emulate – even when she and I were miserably fighting as I was growing up. We’ve always been so alike, two peas in a pod, if you will, even when I was always Daddy’s Little Girl.

My mom grew up in relative poverty, in a country that – well, if it’s not third world, it wasn’t far from it then, married young and subsequently escaped an abusive husband with her young son in tow. She left him in the care of family while she came to the US to make a better life, a safe life for the two of them. She came here, lived with friends, cleaned houses and went to school to get an education. She completed a high school education (only starting with a 3rd grade education or so) in just a few short years. College wasn’t in the cards for her, she couldn’t afford it, so she went to secretarial school to further her job prospects – she knew she wasn’t going to clean up after other people forever. And somewhere along the way, she met my dad. She lied to him when she first met him (if I haven’t told that story on one of my blogs, I will – around their anniversary, because it’s so damn cute), but they fell in love anyway. Thank God for that, or I wouldn’t be here. 🙂

Mommy, thank you for all you’ve done for me through my life. I know we fought like crazy while I was growing up – but now that I’m an adult, I can appreciate all that you’ve done… and who you are. I can understand the disappointment you felt when I dropped out of college and the pride you have in my wanting to go back now. I am so proud to be your daughter – and while I know that the two of us are so alike, I still would be damn lucky to be a fraction of the woman you are. You make me a better person and have 100% faith that I will do the right thing and make the right decisions, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Mami, tu eres mi vida. Te quiero mucho.