The second campout of the year is under my belt and D and I made it to the wilds of Pennsylvania and back safely.  This city girl is really not outdoorsy at all, but when it comes to camping, as long as I follow some simple rules, I find that all is good.

  1. Go camping with no fewer than 50-80 of your closest friends. Preferably with lots of food and alcohol. Any fewer than that and you’re actually camping for real, and who would want to do that?
  2. Set up your tent where you want to sleep and not where you want to party, if you intend to get any sleep/quiet time at all. (In this case, at the bottom of a hill. Which is really only a bitch when the bathrooms and beer are at the top of that hill.)
  3. Never leave camp. Some of your friends might be the “athletic” type and go running through wooded areas that might have swamps/poison ivy/whatever else might be crap, they can do that. However, you, don’t leave camp. That way if there are showers, you can have them all to yourselves (hot water being an important commodity) or you can have a quiet campground to take lots of naps in.
  4. Bring no fewer than two fans with you. Always. Even if you don’t think you’ll have any need of them. Preferably one that hangs with a light. This weekend was so bloody hot that two fans were necessary – and this is generally the coldest of the trips.
  5. Always bring your own liquor stash that only a few people know about. Beer is great, but sometimes a little heavy. (First thing in the morning, after a crazy night before…) Have the small stash that makes the morning sing… and will get you through the rest of the day.
  6. Packing enough clothing/things for any eventuality is a necessity. When you start to question why you’re bringing enough clothing for a European vacation for 2 1/2 days in the woods, ignore it and keep packing. Costume changes are essential – especially if the weather is acting a bit wonky.
  7. New, strange people don’t bite – unless you ask them to.

These are only a few of the gems that I have learned over the last couple of years and I know I’m missing so many others. Are there stories from the weekend? Perhaps. 😉 I might even tell them sometime. Heh.