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Dear Caps,

Oh dear.  I’m actually really glad I didn’t get to see that game because I just knew y’all would break my heart.  We had one hell of a season, we won the President’s Cup for crissakes, and we blew it all in Round 1.  This was a round we shouldn’t have lost.  This was a round that should never have gotten to a Game 7.  We shouldn’t have to be mourning our loss at a shot a the Cup, we should be prepping for a game against Boston.  But here we are.

I won’t say a thing against the Habs – they outplayed us.  We gave them the chance to outplay us.  We weren’t doing what we needed to do – actually concentrate on and play the game.  (Yes, I’m looking at you Greenie… and Ovi… and Moose (Knubs)… and really, the entire team.)  We gave them the chance to exploit our weakness and crush us with it.  How can I get mad at a team that took a chance we gave them?  On a silver platter, no less?

Listen guys, I still love y’all.  I’ll be there, in the phone booth, cheering loud and proud for y’all in the Fall, with a freshly washed jersey.  But I’ll be finishing off this hockey season cheering on the Blackhawks, as there’s just no other team in the East that I want to get the Cup.  Even so, there’s an emptiness inside of me, knowing what we could have done.

Take the rest of the Summer and relax guys, we will expect a hell of a lot from you next season.