You know, this thing about blogging tends to give one the sense of anonymity – even if most of their readers know exactly who they are.  Which is exactly how I feel about it all.  I could always be honest with everyone, while protecting the identities of people that I was talking about, for the most part.  When I moved this blog here, I made it a point to not connect it to me (except on Facebook, BIG mistake) so it wouldn’t come up under searches for me on Google, which has worked like a charm so far… Until yesterday.

Yesterday I got a call telling me that my blog was passed to someone as a way to discredit/hurt another person/people.  (I say “hurt” because that’s the only reason I can think of for someone to do that.  The person passing my blog along I’m sure was referring to a few of my posts about boys.)  I know that I had a huge spike on my blog from the information passed, 88 hits, to be exact.  While I know I did nothing wrong in writing about MY LIFE here, I hate that my blog is being dragged into this.  And for the person to pass the information along the way they did was just cowardly.  If you have a beef with me or my actions, take it up with me, dammit.  Do NOT violate my privacy (and regardless of the fact that this is on the “interwebz, ” this is still my life and my blog).

So, I’ve unlinked the blog from my Facebook page, which really doesn’t make a damn bit of difference, except to make me feel better, because if the passer and the reader were smart, they bookmarked it.  Hooray for new readers, I suppose?  This won’t stop me from blogging about all aspects of my life, however, it might make me lock down certain posts with password protection from here on out.  (When you see a password protected post, just email me and I’ll let you have the password… if I know you and like you.  If I don’t know you or like you, no dice.  This is my sandbox and my toys, dammit.)