So, looking at my blog stats, I saw that yesterday, someone found this by searching for “what does klassy with a k mean”. (Hi person-who-found-me-that-way if you’re still around, that is.) When I named the blog, I never gave any thought to the fact that someone might not know what that means. I’ve been saying it for years with many groups of friends and we all understand… Well, let’s back up and start with what Urban Dictionary defines it as:

klassy with a k isn’t defined yet, but these are close:

1. Klass – Another spelling of the word class. Indicating an attempt to show class that is instead received by others as tacky.
“He took his prom date to the Olive Garden? That’s klassy. With a ‘K’!”

2. Klassy – A stylish and elegant woman who takes a walk on the wild side. A true fashionista with edge.
“Those leopard print stilettos are über klassy.”

3. Klassy Lassy – Derogatory term – used in a ironic way – refers to a wide range of females of any age – sixteen year old moms, women with a half ton of gold in each ear and a sovereign ring on each finger – women who smoke and accidentally drop cigarette ash on there child head, women who drink white lightning – straight from the bottle, women who buy jewellery from Elizabeth Duke, fat women who wear tight clothes. The list is pretty much endless
“Atomic kitten – Girls Aloud – Anyone on benefit – all Klassy Lassy”

When using it to refer to something you’re doing, it’s completely meant either sarcastically or tongue in cheek, but occasionally very extremely tacky. I mean, there’s a reason the tag line is “Pull up a chair, grab a plastic cup and pour yourself some wine. ‘Cause that’s how we do it here. Pure klass.”

Because I refer to many things as “klassy with a k” (or with a capital K), the blog name was born – well, that and I really was tired of the old blog’s name.

So, just in case anyone else out there is wondering what in the hell “klassy with a k” means, here you go. (Hey, it’s proving to be a good distraction…)