Yes, I’ve responded. Dear God, yes, I have. I responded the day I got my form – just to have it done with. So why have I continued to get fliers, mailers, whatever asking me to fill out my form? In both Spanish and English.

Okay, maybe I can overlook the mailers – they’re fairly generic and I live in an area with a very large Hispanic community… but to get 5:1? The fliers left on my door are another thing. That’s just creepy. (I also hate menus left on doors too, maybe I’m weird, but I hate that shit.)

So, Census Bureau, please stop sending the mailers and fliers. I’ve responded. I mailed it back. It is not my responsibility to get everyone else to respond. I made sure my parents did, that’s about as far as I go. Is that bitchy? Perhaps. Do I care if it is? Nope.