I don’t know about you, but to me the idea of waxing completely bare down there, then adhering crystals to it seems to be a bit much. For those living under a rock, the procedure is called Vajazzling, a service started at the Completely Bare salon in NYC and is offered at a new salon in the DC area, Strippers Waxing Salon & Boutique. It was brought to the limelight when Jennifer Love Hewitt proclaimed that “every woman should get Vajazzled” on the George Lopez show back in January.

For those interested in the procedure, The Luxury Spot decided to go and have it done while filming it. (The clip that follows is not exactly NSFW, but you might want to exercise caution at work… There are no full on views of the vajayjay, thank God.)

I mean, watching this makes me think of how uncomfortable that could be. I mean, wouldn’t those rhinestones catch on underwear (which could hurt both you and the underwear)? Or scratch your partner during sex in certain positions? And the practicality of it. How long would it last? Of course you’d have to have them done whenever you got a brazilian, however, for $100 a pop (on top of whatever the charge is for the wax, if it’s not included), that gets pretty expensive. They’d have to come off during the regrowth period between waxes… I just couldn’t imagine doing it. Had to write about it though.

So, would you do it? If so, just because or for a special occasion?