“We’re just too old to have any more kids. I mean, I’m 32 and my husband’s 31. We’re just too old.”

Is it wrong that I wanted to ruin my fresh manicure by smacking her? When did 32 become “old”? Especially too old to have kids? Traditionally, 35 is considered on the “aged” side for a pregnancy, especially a first one. (Believe me, I know, I hear it from my gynecologist every year. Granted, she also tells me that if I ever change my mind about kids that she’ll get me knocked up no matter how old I am, lol.) Maybe I’m a bit sensitive, since I know I can’t have kids without a lot of help – that might be a reason why I’m okay with not having any – but I thought it was incredibly insensitive and rude of her to say that at her loudest speaking voice, not caring that others could hear every word she said.

The other woman in the salon at the time ended up exchanging “WTF” looks and ignored her – which wasn’t easy, but I crocheted and watched “Days of Our Lives” as if my life depended on it, just so I wouldn’t say a thing.