… except that it pisses me off.

It’s really no secret that I’m an animal person. Hell, that would be the only reason that I have two cats – one that’s extremely disturbed – living with me. My Disturbed Kitty has a hell of a history in her short life and that would be one of the reasons I can’t give her up. So I try to make accomodations for her to make things easier for both kitties.

Which is why I will never understand some people and how they can just look at an animal and decide that because they don’t fit into their lives or they’re messy or they’re actual work, that they should just abandon these poor things in whatever way is easiest. My question is why is that “easiest” way not the local animal shelter? Or an animal rescue? Why is it I keep hearing about animals abandoned in rivers, ditches, by the side of the road, etc?

What brought this on? A friend on Facebook posted pictures of the newest addition to the family – a gorgeous puppy who was abandoned in a bag in a ditch with his sister. A puppy who sleeps in his crate and goes to the bathroom outdoors already. When she told the story of this poor baby, quite a few of us may have taken up our pitchforks and lit torches to find the person (or people) who would do that. Throwing them in the ocean, maimed so they couldn’t swim back to shore was one of the many things mentioned. If we actually knew who’d done it, we might have taken a road trip.