Just a warning. This entire post is TMI. If you would rather not know this much about my sex life, click away from this now. Just sayin’.

I know, it’s probably not the healthiest thing ever, but I refuse to wallow – again – with the demise of this relationship. I’ve done it before and cried buckets of tears the first time it went all to shit, so this time, I’m using a different form of therapy: rebound sex.

Most people would consider this not the smartest thing to do – especially so soon after breaking everything off, but whatever. I only got to see him maybe once a month – with the exception of lately, as I haven’t seen him since December. A girl has needs – and mine haven’t been met in a while. Hell, I’ve got a couple of guys who would love to be used. Heh. It’s a little heady, having this much “power”, choice, whatever. Luckily, I’ve already slept with them in the past, so I know which one I’m picking for this. LOL.

Luckily, when I sent him a message telling him that I was single and wanted to sleep with him, he instantly knew what I meant and was instantly amenable to the idea. Just sex, no strings. Fucking like a guy, I think Cosmo once called it. (I stopped reading Cosmo years ago when I realized that they were just recycling the same damn ideas to spice up your sex life over and over – and all the good ones I was already doing. Heh.) Honestly, what’s so wrong with that?

So, I know this isn’t the traditional way of getting over a relationship. As a girl, I should be home, weeping on the couch, watching sappy movies, working my way through a couple (of dozen) pints of Ben & Jerry’s, but whatever. I’m going out tonight to hang with some girlfriends, one of my gay boyfriends, and the rest of the hash for drinking, fun, and possibly a hookup with Mr. Being Used. We’ll have to see.

So, how do you get over one? (Probably in a more healthy and constructive way than me, lol.)