Remember when we were kids and all we wanted during the winter were snow days? We prayed for them, put our PJs on inside out and did snow dances, made bargains, and I know that in my childhood they just never seemed to come. Now, that could partly be because I grew up here, in the DC area. Not a big snow place by any means.

Now, all I want is for this seemingly interminable snowstorm to be over. Yes, I know it’s technically over – it’s no longer snowing out, there was sun today and I was even able to dig my car out of its spot, finally. But I want the rest of this to just go away. I’ve got cabin fever in the worst way – I almost did a dance when I could go to work on Tuesday only to practically start crying when I was stuck at the Metro, trying to flag down a cab (which led to the last post). Definitely looking forward to getting into the shop tomorrow and working…

(The pic up there? The view from my back door yesterday. Lots of snow. In the center, there used to be a path that led to my neighbor’s and my backdoors. *sigh*)