… nope, I sound like a frog and have for the last (almost) two months. WTF? It would be one thing if I had that über-cool, über-sexy husky voice, but no, I have to sound like a frog. Or a boy going through puberty. Take your pick. Either is soooper sexy, no? You know that’s what you want to hear on the phone, a voice that cracks. On top of that, I’m convinced I’m going to blow my brain out of my nose. If I should get stupid all of a sudden, you will know it’s finally happened.

Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself… and yes, I have seen someone about it. No, not my doctor. She’s a bitch who never believes a damn thing I tell her and then prescribes the most expensive, non-generic antibiotic because I’m allergic to Cipro and its derivatives. Plus, she’s expensive. And for someone who doesn’t have health insurance, that’s definitely prohibitive. No, I went to the Minute Clinic. Hey, she looked at everything, listened to my heart and lungs – only to tell me that I’ve just got a very bad cold (no sinus infection, thankfully) and the clearest lungs she’d heard all day. *sigh*

I know that being perpetually sick is throwing off my normal body clock and messing with my head. I’m not the perky, helpful person I usually am – right now I hate most people and just would like to sleep all day if I could. This isn’t normal for me. Right now, I’m looking forward to Spring – willing Mother Nature to bring it out a bit early, just so I can get better and happy again.