Looking at my stats the other day (which I only do because they’re on my dashboard here, so I see them everytime I log in), I noticed that there was an unusual spike in visits… I generally average about 2-5 hits a day (if that) and, all of a sudden, I’ve got 40 in one day? And almost all on old posts where the photos were purged in the deleting-of-the-TypePad-account. Huh? I’ve tried to see if there was a rhyme or reason to the posts clicked and there isn’t any. Just mystery.

Just odd. Of course, this has me wondering if I should start adding the photos/videos back into the photo-less posts. It would help them make more sense, surely, but will anyone else even care? Plus this will probably end up republishing each post, which won’t affect anyone who is actually coming here instead of reading through the RSS feed… Must think about this. Anyone got an opinion?