So, I am officially all packed up and moved in over here. As of yesterday, the TypePad account is no more.

I didn’t think it would be as hard as it was to press the button that said “Cancel My Subscription” (or whatever the fuck it actually said), but it was. It was sort of sad, seeing a few years of my life – at least the last 5 – just disappear into the interwebs. Yes, I know, I moved the posts over here – most of them, anyway. (I’m pretty sure that all of them didn’t make it, but I’m okay with that.) The biggest part that I intentionally didn’t bring over here was the knitting blog. I hadn’t blogged on that thing since 2007, I think. While I hadn’t blogged there, it was still a large part of my life – but one that I was just hanging on to, not one I was actively participating in.

So, here I am. In my new home on the interwebs. It seems kinda big and I haven’t decorated yet (hey, kinda like my apartment!), but I’m settling in just fine. Hopefully you will too. So pull up a chair, grab a glass and pour some wine, beer, whatever into it. We’ll chat.