Okay, so we all have them, the real question is what we do about them. Right? That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. I have tons of them, not surprising if you know me. (Many of my friends would probably say I’ve got too many, but whatev.)

What’s brought about this round of insecurity? My photography. Once upon a time I fancied myself a photographer – this was when I was taking photography classes in college, of course – and while I enjoyed my time behind the camera (a lot!), I let it fall by the wayside. Occasionally, I’ll get an idea that I can still do it, even with my crappy P&S’s, and while I know that they’re okay, I know that there are better photographers out there. Why all of this all of a sudden?

Tonight, D was talking about taking a fabulous picture and entering it in the FotoWeek DC competition. She was half-joking – though she shouldn’t, she’s really a really good photographer with a good eye – which got me thinking, maybe I could enter too? We both came to the conclusion that we wished we had known about this before we went to Colorado, as we would have made more of an effort to take some great shots. Oh well, live and learn, right?

So, I’ve spent the last couple of hours running through my Flickr photostream, looking for something that falls under the guidelines. I’m not sure I’ve got anything, but at least I can dream, no?

Why exactly am I, for lack of a better word, scared of the idea of entering? I got a look at last year’s winners and finalists – they are all so good, that I’m in awe. I’ve got 72 hours to decide on if I’m going to enter and what – <sarcasm> all for the low, low price of $35 an entry (or $85 for a series). </sarcasm>

So, that’s what I’m thinking about before bed tonight. Hey, it’s better than watching I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant on TLC, right? Heh.

*All three pictures in this post are mine, natch. They are among the ones I’m considering, but there are more that I’m looking at… Not great, but mine. From the top: Chris Clark warming up before game 2 against the Penguins; the US Marine Color Guard during the last Tuesday night Sunset Parade of the year; the Rockies as taken at sunset from Coors Field.*