Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

It’s amazing how I tend to forget about the blog. I keep intending to blog, really I do, but it always seems to be the very last thing on my list of things to do. A valid reason, yes, I mean life is hectic (even just coming back from a vacation), but it’s an excuse nonetheless.

The fast-forwarded version of what’s been going on at Chez Klassy (yes, I decided that moving my blog meant that “She Takes On” was just tired and needed a new name – so, voilá! Klassy with a K it is… but I digress) might still take a while to tell, but tell, I will. I may need to get coffee to try and remember it all, lol.

Coffee procured, we can continue. 🙂

When we last met, it was 3 months ago and I was waxing poetic (or not) about honeysuckle. Where to start? It’s been a busy summer with work and with the hash – I’ve done more events this summer than ever. Which has definitely been a change from years past. A nice one. I’ve gotten to watch two of my favorite amateur hockey teams, the Clusterpucks (at Kettler – along with the Red Team, which has a few of my Hockey Boys on it) and the Fairfax Lightning (the Hockey Boys’ main team) do extremely well in their summer leagues – I know the Lightning won theirs, but I was out of town when the Clusterpucks played their game. Anyone know the outcome? (I could just ask on Facebook, but whatev, that actually makes sense and we all know that I am not about that.)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know… what most of y’all want to know is the rundown of the Boys of Summer. There haven’t been many, but there might have been a few. Heh.

Boy #1: Running Boy. (He’s also Boy #4, but that’s for later.) A very nice guy in the midst of a bad divorce. He and I get along well (and he’s a good kisser…), but we both have issues with doing anything while he’s still legally married. In May, at the beginning of camping season, I may have drunkenly told him that once things were final, I was claiming him. LOL. Totally my type – yup, that means he’s military. Duh. I mean, I’m just doing my part to support the troops, right?

Boy #2: Camping Boy. This one was a hot mess. It didn’t start out that way, though. He’s a smooth talker. Met him at a camping trip in June and we just clicked. You know that feeling like you’ve known someone your whole life after meeting them for 5 minutes? That’s what it was like. By the end of the night we were finishing each other’s sentences and talking about shows that we loved on NPR. (I may have confessed my desire to have Carl Kasell’s voice on my voicemail. Maybe.) Neither of us meant to hook up, but we did. It was a short, intense relationship that ended a little over a month later when I discovered that he had a big problem: forgetting to tell me he was married. As I mentioned above with Running Boy (RB), I have issues with that. If that’s how you want to live your life and marriage, so be it. Just don’t drag me into it. I would have looked at it as a pleasant mistake that was made if he’d just told me that weekend, but no. Finding out from mutual friends/acquaintances at a barbeque was just wrong. Granted, I know who my friends are and I know that they’ll stick up for me. After the huge blowup – during which he sent me my birthday gift (a not pretty crystal star from Tiffany that I promptly exchanged for something I would like) – we’re on friendly terms. He knows that if he crosses any line again, he’s done.

Boy #3: Bartender Boy. This one was a surprise at the last camping trip of the season. We were doing a Short Bus Trail (aka bar crawl) and we picked him up at the second bar. Apparently, he thought we were so much fun that he and his boss joined us at the third bar. He came back to the camp with us. He’s a youngin’, only 25 years old – and annoying as all fuck while drinking. (As most 25 year olds are. Not all, just most. This could be my wisdom-of-the-ages-almost-mid-thirties ass talking here, but I find it to be true more often than not.) To keep him from annoying the others, I pretended to be interested in what he had to say, then took him back to my tent. (Hey, guys do it all the time, why can’t I?) It’s been awhile since I’ve been 25, and even then I didn’t date 25 year olds, so I’d forgotten about the stamina they have. Bartender Boy (BB) definitely had that and took direction well, except when I said I was done and to go home. His friends came by to say they were leaving and would give him a ride home and BB tells them that he’ll stay. I told him to go, it was fine – it really was, I just wanted to sleep and he was like a kid on too much sugar – but no, he stayed. And was clingy. He tried to convince me to stay in town an extra night – I was like “hell, no! Thanks for the fun, but I’m going home.” I got a lot of shit about him the next day, but that was also because I wasn’t trying to be quiet… Hey, when you have an audience listening outside your tent, you play it up.

Boy #4: Running Boy, again. That just deserves a post of its own. It’s still going on, had a fabulous date while in Denver, spent tons of time together in Winter Park… He’s sweet, makes me laugh, takes care of me while I’m drunk (there was much drinking done in Winter Park), and seemed absolutely delighted when I told him that I was keeping him for a long while. However, the divorce still isn’t final, so nothing more than that yet… But one can hope. He was apologetic when we talked about it and said he hated to ask me to wait, but I said I would. So I will. ::fingers crossed::

And for those who keep track, this one has been around throughout. I gave him the boot while I was with #2, then let him back in after. I’ll be ignoring all texts from him asking for, well, anything. He’s a good friend, but I’m really just done with him. Especially with RB back in the picture.

So, that’s the quick roundup of the guys and the camping and the summer. A more detailed post about my trip to Denver and Winter Park to come. I mean, I should actually work sometime today, right? It’s the first day back and there’s so much to do… More coffee, please!