Cleaning… something that I love when it's done, but absolutely detest doing. No, really, I do. Up until this afternoon, the suitcase I took to Australia was still sitting in the middle of my living room floor – mostly unpacked. (To be fair about the unpacking, I had unpacked all the things that needed to be washed immediately after getting home – all the things that didn't were spring items that I wasn't going to use until… now. Yes, I fully acknowledge my laziness in leaving the suitcase, though.) In fact, it took me the better part of an episode of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" (don't judge, it was the only thing on and there was a marathon) to clear off the crap that had accumulated on top of it before I could even get to the suitcase. 

Anyway, due to my fabulous employees, I managed to score a weekend off of work where I had nothing else planned – and on the first weekend in Spring, no less – and decided that I needed to do a major clean up of my apartment. Two days later (both of which I woke up late on), progress was made. I can see floor that I haven't seen in awhile. Spring has sprung, indeed. There's a lot more to be done before I can declare myself happy with the progress, but it's progress, nonetheless. The cats are thoroughly confused, especially my "problem kitty" Paisley, but they're exploring the newly found space. (Plus, Pais is really confused that Mommy took away her secret spot to pee – my large silk knitting bag… that cost $100. I'm a little pissed – no pun intended – that she ruined that. However, she is using the second box, so that makes me happy. George is just happy that I've made more room for his Kitty 500 races, but taken the obstacles away. He's special like that.)

So the windows are wide open (I may regret that tomorrow, but whatev), the weather is energizing, and I'm cleaning. Not an easy task, since I'm lazy and a packrat. I'm determined to go through it all and show no mercy for myself. Then, maybe I can have a small get together and have the housewarming party I didn't have 2 years ago. LOL.

Oh, and if you run into a Fairy Godmother brandishing a wand, send her my way please? I'd like for her to get those cute little woodland creatures working for me to get this done quicker. Thanks!