Those damn Girl Scouts and their Damn Cookies. Yup, I'm blaming them and their excellent marketing for the fact that if I can wear a bikini this summer and not look like a beached whale, it'll be an Act of God. It's like they know that I'm a sucker and they place their most innocent and sweet looking girls out there with the most pitiful looks on their faces that just cry out "If we can't sell all these cookies, they'll take away my uniform! Don't let that happen to us!".

I say this having had both of my (now adult) nieces go through Brownies. Cookie season was big in our house because my parents felt obligated to buy assloads of Damn Cookies from their adorable granddaughters. Luckily, they moved and decided they didn't want to be Brownies/Girl Scouts in their new home. Which was good for my wallet and waistline, though I still feel obligated to purchase a box (or two) from the poor Girl Scouts out in the cold, wintery weather. 

Hence, their good marketing – they set up in front of the Suntrust bank, directly across the street from the Starbucks closest to the shop on Saturdays and Sundays. I could walk across the street opposite them, then cross, but something draws me to them… like a moth to a flame, to sound cliche-d. *sigh* At least I got away with only these two boxes – and one of them isn't even for me! (Not a fan of Thin Mints… I get them for the shop.) … And, I haven't opened either of them – yet. We'll see how long I can go.

Also, in the good marketing – good packaging. I am a sucker for some good packaging – especially when I'm ordering crap off of the internet. Last week sometime I woke up to an email from Daily Candy featuring a new lip balm by Sara Happ. I'd never heard of her, but hell, I love getting new cosmetics, so of course I looked – and discovered that it is sold at Blue Mercury in Georgetown. Now, I don't go into Georgetown if I can help it (hate the crowds – and it's only bearable in the summer if you're on one of the boats docked there for the day. Not that that will be happening this summer, but I digress) so I went into the shop and ordered it. 

This morning there was a little box from them waiting for me on the doorstep – I'd forgotten all about it until just then. (They also didn't send me a confirmation email or delivery email. Something to think about when processing orders, Blue Mercury.) On opening the box, a gorgeous scent of roses wafted out (I later discovered that they had included dried roses as part of the filler) and buried under the filler were these two boxes, with bows on them like they were gifts! (Yes, I am easy to impress. Tell this to the guys I date.)

Of course I tried them out immediately. The lip scrub has a delicious taste of brown sugar (which, admittedly was overkill with the brown sugar in my oatmeal this morning – but they have a ton of other flavors) which was really easy to use. Just apply on your lips in a circular motion and wipe off with a tissue. A little messy, but it left my lips super-soft and not chapped at all! The lip slip has a really soft, creamy texture (think freshly whipped whipped cream) that's extremely emollient, but a little too sticky for my taste. It leaves a nice shimmer, though. Now, the website says it can be used for hands and cuticles as well, and while that may be, I wouldn't do it. Too damn sticky. I'll save the body butters for that and put this on while I lounge around in a silk robe and be utterly decadent. Or just wear it daily, whatever.