Happy day-after-Mardi-Gras (better known as Ash Wednesday), everyone! Hopefully y'all lived it up last night, now that we're on the 40 days of self-imposed denial Lent. Me, I'm not giving up anything for Lent, simply because I am weak and know that I'd break my Lenten fast in two days. No joke. Happened both years I attended a Catholic school and Sister Benedict would just look at me and shake her head. "You're such a good girl and can't keep to your Lenten promise?" Ummm, no.

This post may seem disjointed. Sorry. I'm just kind of getting out some thoughts that have been stirring around my brain for awhile…

Cobblestone sidewalks are not good for bum knees. Especially if the bum knee is partially a result of the night before and the previous skating injury. (Hey, a good way to celebrate Mardi Gras if I were planning on giving up the activity during Lent… but no.)

I'm thinking of taking down the knitting blog. I haven't blogged on there in almost two years (or has it been two years? I have no clue these days.) – almost for as long as Ravelry has been around. Not that I can use that as an excuse – I haven't even posted any projects/pictures/whatever in oh-so-long there either. I keep taking pictures… I should upload those to my Flickr and to Rav. Why haven't I done it before now? Partially because it was part of my first forays into the blogging and knitting communities. I used to be so faithful about blogging there. It's kind of sad to let it go, you know? I'm still thinking about it – I'd like to be able to archive my old posts somewhere before I do it. Any ideas, suggestions?

I'm also thinking about moving this blog somewhere – and getting a new name for it. Suggestions are welcome. Typepad has been pissing me off these past few weeks with their changes and inability to keep anything I've saved before – with the exception of a post that has been completed and posted. *rolling eyes* Part of me thinks that I should just go with WordPress or with Blogger. I have experience with Blogger for the shop blog – but I'm thinking about moving that to WordPress, as WordPress has a shopping cart feature, which will prove useful when I'm posting about classes. What I need is an affordable option (which is not Typepad), that's idiot-proof (as I am an idiot), that will be easy to blog to from my Blackberry and is customizable. (I may need to get someone to come up with some graphics or something for me… definitely for the shop blog, but maybe for me. Who's got the graphics skillz out there?)

Then there's the thought of where I want to take this blog. When I first started this blog I did it because I needed a place to vent that was completely seperate from my knitting blog. Too many people knew who I was from the knitting blog and that would have made bitching about work and my boss rather hard. (This was back before she left the country to follow an absolute fuckwit to England and just leave her shop, her problems in my hands and the hands of her supposed best friend. No, I have no opinions about that whatsoever. I don't feel as if we've both been shit on time and again. No, not at all.) Then once she was gone, I started focusing on my dating life – well, that went by the wayside too, since I all but ignored my blog when I was dating someone. Now that I'm dealing with the various dating issues again, I wonder if anyone is even interested in hearing the stories. I'll keep writing them, simply to get them all down on "paper" and because y'all have had some great things to say. (Plus, judging from the reaction of some of the stories at Late Night, people might want to hear? LOL.) A blog is a narcissistic thing, a call to be the center of attention, if only for a few minutes. I've never considered myself much of a narcissist, but I suppose there's a little bit of one in all of us.

Okay, lightening the mood considerably with pictures from the D & H trip to Whitetail after the jump… or I would if Typepad would upload a stupid photo or two. *sigh* Just go to my Flickr page and look there. I've also got the Australia pics up there (and in sets, no less!) too. And, just to pat myself on the back, one of the Sydney pics got picked to go in some online travel guide about the Sydney area. Yay, me!