Would someone enlighten me as to why a guy I hooked up with last summer at a camping trip – who I've been communicating with via email and PMs on a social networking site – chooses to tell me he has a girlfriend and is travelling with her in a week or so, but decides that he needs to talk to me about the most mundane things? Yesterday, we were emailing back and forth about his forthcoming trip and his trip to NYC last weekend (I was teasing him that he really knows how to live it up for his birthday, since he was attending some evening safety workshop for work.) and he throws the "girl I'm dating" tidbit in. I see that and basically decide to back off the emailing for a bit – because in the emails, he had shown interest and I wasn't comfortable with that if there's a girl in the picture. I don't play that game, it's just not good karma.

This morning, I wake up to an email from him apologizing for not calling me last night as he was painting his hall and wearing a respirator… I didn't know he was going to call. So, no harm, no foul. Then he calls me tonight on his way home from dinner with his parents and starts talking about trips he's planning on taking, the camping trips I'll be going on this year, the beautiful woodcuts he got in Japan, our mutual love of the Lonely Planet guides (and my love of the phrasebooks, based on the French one) and all sorts of other mundane crap before he gets home. 

WTF? Can someone please explain?