So, this post is a bit late, as it's technically two days after V-day, but whatever. The few people who still check up on this damn blog are probably thinking that any damn post is a bit late in coming! I know I keep promising an update on what's going on, but most of y'all are already friends on Facebook, so eh, you already know.

Actually, V-day wasn't bad at all – at first. (Again, updating Facebook is a handy thing.) A great day at work, getting to see a good friend, and a date to look forward to that evening. What could go wrong? Must learn to not piss off fate by being a cocky bitch. Fate tends to screw you over.

First off, the date-which-turned-out-to-not-be-so-much-of-a-date: I have had a thing for this guy (we'll call him Hockey) for a couple months now, but haven't done anything other than flirt. Partly because I was still peripherally involved with Boat Boy, but mostly because I just wasn't sure if he liked me. I'm a bit dense when it comes to that – unfortunately, so is he. So when he asked me out and made it seem like it was going to be just the two of us, I was very excited. Come to find out, at the last minute he invited two of his friends along – it wasn't anything romantic, just watching the Caps' away game at Front Page and off to a bar that a teammate of his – did I mention he plays on a novice hockey league? – owns, which wasn't a bad thing, just not what I had hoped/expected. Now the question here is: was he nervous and needed "chaperones" or just hanging out with a friend… on Valentine's Day? This is where I wish that for all my tough talking about it just being another day, I hadn't bought into the whole romantic aspect of the day. *sigh*

Anyhow, a good time was had – eventually, as they were late – the Caps won and we headed off to the other bar. We should have stayed. Karaoke was sung by all of us at the other bar, we were taken care of fabulously – until the bar closed. We had an after-hours with the owner which was fun until it wasn't. One of Hockey's friends said something (I still don't know what) that pissed the owner off and he goes apeshit and starts to hit the friend. As we're all yelling at him to stop, he starts throwing shit, then gets pulled into the kitchen – where he's still ranting and then I see Hockey come out of the kitchen with a bloody nose, a cut under his eye and his glasses bent. Apparently, Apeshit decided that for sticking up for his friend, Hockey needed to be slugged. (Oh, and earlier Apeshit had declared that he was on a 10 day bender. Christ.) I cleaned him up and we all got out of there as quickly as possible – I followed Hockey and friends back to his place and continued the nursing. (Steph, you'd be proud of me – that latent nurse you say is in me snapped into action last night and quickly!) All in all, NOT a good way to spend Valentine's Day night! Can I get a do-over on that?

In other news, went on a ski trip with my running friends and I had a blast! I don't ski or board, but I drank. Lots. The only time I was sober was when I tried my hand at tubing – I never knew that it was so much fun! So much so, that Dani and I are heading out to Whitetail in the morning to go tubing again. Incidentally, the trip also was where I was when Boat Boy and I decided to call it a day – for good, this time. Very uneventful, very drama-free (for him, it was almost a grown up breakup). No playing with each other, no nothing.

No promises that I'll post more frequently, but I'll try. Hey, with the universe seeming to send the vibe out that I'm single again, all the boys seem to be coming out of the wordwork – which means I may have dates that I can blog about! Well, there was this one… but why blow my wad on the first post back? 😉

(Um, does anyone who still uses Typepad know why my categories suddenly disappeared? I can't remember what the hell they all were! Dammit! Fuck me. *sigh*)