A good manicure and pedicure. Who cares if it was a grey, rainy day? I got to sit and knit during the pedicure (and got compliments on the sweater from the nail techs) and my tech even gave me a longer than usual hand massage because I mentioned that my hands have been cramping up lately with all the knitting I've been able to do… (Yes, I know that I still haven't posted on the knitting blog. So sue me. I'll get around to it someday. LOL.)

Also, the nail polish? Named Boris and Natasha. Of course that made me happy.

IMG_3399Another thing that makes me insanely happy? These fab rain boots I bought from last year. Can you blame me? They have freakin' Union Jacks on them!!! And a kitten heel! It doesn't matter that they're a bit too snug around the vamp, I'll still wear them. (Please to ignore the ratty jeans I'm wearing with them.) They're by Joseph Campbell who has the most adorable packaging for his shoes – the box had a scene from Singing in the Rain drawn on it. 🙂

Now back to the photo editing I'm doing of some of my yarn stash for Ravelry… which I'm doing to avoid doing work-work. *sigh* Procrastination, we are old friends.

(Yes, I also know that I owe y'all an update. I really do have one started and it's in draft form right now, but there just seems to be so damn much to talk about, that I'm going to have to do some editing. Trust me, it's necessary.)