While I may not blog all that often anymore, it doesn’t mean that I don’t think about it… or that attempts aren’t made to blog. I’ve even wowed people on the knitting blog by posting three whole times this month. Amazing, I know. Anyway, I was playing around with that blog tonight (adding a new widget to the sidebar for my Caps) and discovered that my columns were cutting things off as they were too short. So, I go on a search for some help. I know a bit of website designing, but not much at all. I find the answer that I need, then discover that I can’t do a damn thing about it unless I upgrade my account to a Pro account. I’m already at a Plus account – and with the amount I’m blogging of recent, I’m throwing that $89.50 down the drain. Why would I pay a minimum of $149.50 a year to not blog? Which sucks, since I’d like to personalize both of these blogs a bit. (Really, TypePad’s templates… in a word or two, they suck.) I could move the blogs, but moving everything is a pain in my ass. Oh well.

If anyone is still interested… an update on the personal life is coming soon. I got an interesting text from B last night (nothing dirty, for once, LOL) and I think I just need to talk it all (or type it all) out.

Oh, and who knew that this blog would get a new reader? I figured it’d always be the same four people reading. 😉 All hail the power of the Gingercrack Latte! Actually Brian reminded me of the finest Thanksgiving moment in TV history (which is odd that he posted it just after having had many conversations recently reminiscing about WKRP in Cincinnati – I loved that show!):

I hope you all had a good laugh at that and had a great Thanksgiving!