Really, when I tell you that I need a second skein of a yarn to make a shell for me and you look at it and see that there’s over 300 yards in it, don’t look at me and tell me that will make a shell. Don’t make me point out the fact that, actually, I am fatter than you. And that I’ll need more yarn than you will… because you’re emaciated. Because that’s just what a girl needs to realize so early in the day. (Oh yeah, and don’t convince your friend that she’ll only need one. Because that’s just going to lead to heartbreak and misery. She’s much bigger than you too. Oh, and wipe that look off your face as I tell you how skinny your ass is. It just makes me want to smack you.)

Yes, I’m reading too much into this. I’m overly emotional b/c I’ve screwed up my birth control this month… (TMI, I know.) *sigh* I have enough issues with my body that I don’t need them pointed out. By me or anyone else.

Grrrr…. Okay, back to the blog ignoring.