Which is pretty much how life has been these days. Too much has been going on to write about on even a semi-regular basis, so I just don’t write. Really, is there anyone that actually still reads this? (I’m not fishing, just wondering.)

Facebook. Yes, I finally joined the time suck that is Facebook. With urging from both Kristine and Elspeth, I decided to bite the bullet and start a page. Who knew I’d actually be having fun on there? I’ve even found a friend or two that I haven’t talked to in awhile.

I joined a running/drinking club about a month and a half (maybe two months? Dani, help me out…) ago – and I’m pretty proud of myself. Not only that I’ve been getting exercise (no, I’m not running – have we met? I’m doing the walker’s trail…), but I have increased my beer consumption. Which is a good thing. LOL. Actually, I’m proud of myself because it forces me to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. Like camping. I don’t camp. Roughing it for me is sleeping at a Motel 6. However, when an opportunity to go camping came up, I said yes. And I’m so glad I did. There were tents, beer, air mattresses, beer, tubing, lots of beer, bonfires, vodka, karaoke, special bucket, walking trails, more beer. Not that I actually went on trail… Asthma will do that to you a quarter of a way up a freakin’ mountain. (I’m glad I bagged on the trail when I did, because what I heard about it was not pleasant.) For some reason, I adore this group of people. Like all groups, there are people I just don’t mesh well with, but by and large I like them. The locals groups had Beer Mile this weekend – which was fun to watch. There is no way in hell I’d ever run it, though. However, Absolut Mandarin and Cranberry was really good going down on a hot summer afternoon/evening… Later on, though… Well, I’ll get to that later.

Updates on the guy front
I haven’t heard from Poker in months. Which kinda saddens me. I miss talking to him because he always made me laugh. While I know that a relationship could never have developed from it (there were definitely some issues), a good friendship could have happened, plus I can always use another poker playing friend, lol. Oh well.

Let’s see… B… well, he and I have been texting like mad lately. I don’t know what to do… I certainly do like him (despite that trip I took, I’m not mad at him anymore) and he says all the right things. (I’ve made sure he understands that the next trip will be made by him. LOL.) However, does saying all the right things equal something more? Like yesterday, for example. Texting throughout the day led to… well, use your imagination. (TMI, yes, I know.) Later that night, he sent a teasing text alluding to earlier and I was like, "that’s what I am to you, sex" with a wink, showing that I was teasing back. He seemed to be hurt that I’d think that what he thought of me (are you lost yet?) and we had this huge conversation about it. Which is good. He made sure that I understood he didn’t just think of me that way. There was a lot more said that I need to think about. It seems like he’s finally on the page I was on when I went out there. (He may have been on that page the whole time, I don’t know.) He makes me giggle and blush, he makes me feel special. I get excited when I know he’s supposed to call (and, no, not just because of *that*)…

Then there’s E… does anyone remember him? I almost didn’t… When I started updating Outlook to prepare for my iPhone purchase, I looked at his number and decided that since I hadn’t heard from him in over a year, there was no need to transfer it over. Guess what? A few weeks after I got my iPhone, he texts. WTF? He only texts when he’s drunk and wants a piece?? Fuck no! (Yes, I understand that is a bit hypocritical considering my text-relationship with B and all, but whatever.)

And finally, the guy I met on Friday. After Beer Mile, most of us went to a local bar. Now, keep in mind, I’d been drinking Mandarin/Cranberries for the past 2 hours, so I was kinda drunk. Add a few beers to that mix and EVERYONE is my friend! 🙂 Well, this guy and I made eye contact a few times at the bar, when finally I talk to him. He’s funny, cute, intelligent… all good qualities. When his eyes start to wander to other women at the bar, I leave and go upstairs. No explanation. Apparently guys like to be treated like crap. When I came back downstairs, he said he’d wondered where I went to… I asked if he’d struck out with the other chick and he laughed. As I was on my way out at the time, he walked out with me and was like, "well, this is my local bar, so I’m in here every so often. I only live over there." To which I’m like "well, I live in Virginia and this is a bit of a hike, but maybe…" and he’s "well, maybe if I’m over in your neighborhood I can give you a call?" So he got my number. And I got his. We’ll see if he calls.

(Of course, later on that night that mixing of the Mandarin/Cranberry and beer wasn’t so pleasant… I’m just sayin’.)

So, those are the happenings at Chez Me. There’s more boring little stuff. But it’s only exciting to me. Hee.