Why do all men immediately assume all women want a "24/7 boyfriend"? Personally, I think that I’d like a 24/3 boyfriend, or even a 24/2 boyfriend. I don’t want someone around all the freakin’ time, but being able to go out to dinner, or the movies with someone (with an obvious guarantee at the end of the night, lol – hey, if I can’t be honest…) would be nice. Of course, lately, with the amount of dating I’ve been doing (ummm, none), guys have been pretty non-existent. I should change that. Get out there more. Get my ass off the couch and do something… despite how comfy it is. Stop waiting for guys to call. (Really, I just need to tell myself that he’s not gonna call, no matter how much I want him to.)

I tried the "tough love" approach with Poker. In hopes that being unavailable would make me more desirable, I stopped calling or emailing. Yeah, like that worked. So, he got an email basically saying "what the fuck?". Nothing else from this camp. Period. Somehow, I think he got spooked. How, though? I know he’s busy, but lately it seems that work for him was a convenient excuse. Hell, I could be wrong about it (it’s not like he doesn’t have the blog address – prove me wrong) but I don’t think so.

B texted me the other week, telling me how much he’d missed me and was sorry it’d been so long. Whatever. I kept the texts light and told him that if he wanted to catch up, he needed to call. I’m a busy girl, I can’t try to keep track of someone in a different time zone. LOL.

The cop from oh-those-many-months/years-ago has resurfaced as well. He’s interested in, well… not a relationship. Which with him is okay. He’d be a horrible boyfriend. I know this. But, he’s there if I "need" him. Which is a nice offer and all, but really, will I take him up on that? We’ll see.

So, what to do to get myself out there? I know of people who’ve met online, but the whole idea kind of weirds me out. I just need to get out more. Suggestions?