Not that I have to say this – especially if you know me since I’ve been talking about nothing else for the last month or so, but the iPhone comes out today. I have been lusting after this piece of piece of telephonic luxury since it was announced, lo those many moons ago. No one at Apple or at Cingular (now AT&T) was able to tell us anything about it for so long – and a waiting list? Forget about it!

Then I found that some stores were compiling waiting lists – mostly the smaller ones, that weren’t going to be getting theirs in time for the "big day". Of course I put my name on the list! Now, however, I’ve found that at least 4 stores within 5 miles of me will have the phone. And at least one is never busy. Hmmmm… so the question is to try to get the iPhone tonight or wait and stalk the smaller store on Monday?

Who am I kidding? I’ll probably go tonight and see if I can get one and if not, I’ll go and start stalking the other store on Monday. *sigh* Because I’m just that nerdy.