Collapsible Hand Trunk: $50 from Staples


Dresser and accessories: $278 from IKEA


Building it all yourself: priceless

Yes, I know that I’ve been living in my new place for just over a month now, but I hadn’t gotten around to purchasing a new dresser until this past week. Why? I simply ran out of time. Once I moved in, there was a ballet to see, a trip to NYC to go on… and then, a huge sale to manage at the online store. *sigh* Just not enough time in the day for me to go down to Woodbridge and pick up a new dresser. Well, by Tuesday I had had absolutely enough of living with clothes all over the floor of my bedroom, so I decided (v. spur of the moment) to go buy one.

Why am I so inordinately proud of this dresser? See, it’s one of my first "all me" purchases for the new place. At least big purchases. Well, it’s my second, I guess. See, I bought it, figured out a way to fit it in my car (and for those of you who know my car, it was some trouble. Thank heavens for this overly "helpful" lady – who couldn’t lift anything – grabbing two bulked up guys walking across the parking lot to help me), got it home, figured out a way to get it inside – by myself – and put it together over the course of two nights (again, just not enough time in the day). I am a self-admitted spoiled child. A total "Daddy’s Girl". When it came to my bookcases and other furniture, I totally had help from Daddy. This time, it was all me. And, damn, I am proud.

I am a total girly-girl until it comes to certain things. I am a total tomboy when it comes to working with power tools… and I love to get the newest and best I can afford when it comes to electronics (although my computer doesn’t really count for me). See, my first "big girl" purchase for the new place was my own set of wrenches and an electric drill/driver set. 🙂 Yes, I know that not everyone gets so excited about things like that. My second? An HDTV. Why? Just because. LOL!