Ummm… Who do I need to talk to about quitting this whole "adult" thing? Right now, I want to turn in my resignation and go back to being a kid with little to no responsibility.

I’m just very tired of being a "grown-up" these days. I’m tired of working non-stop, feeling like all I’m doing is treading water – just to catch up. I’m tired of being an unwilling crutch for someone just because I love something more than they do. I’m tired of playing the adult game of figuring out who’s being honest and true and what the hell the other people mean. I’m tired of just not trusting… maybe that one’s a phase we all go through in our late 20’s to early 30’s – I know a couple of friends who are tired of that, too. I’m tired of the insecurity that comes with not trusting…

I want to go out and play at recess again. Take naps. I don’t want to think about getting groceries or cooking. I want the ultimate treat to be some Oreos and a glass of milk to dunk them in. (I soooo used to love that.) I want to be able to sit on the couch and while away a day by just reading. I wouldn’t even mind it if my parents asked me to do some chores… with some argument, of course. I wouldn’t be a kid again if I didn’t.

Then again, I do like my space. Yeah, sometimes it’s a bit lonely, but it’s mine. All mine. Is it possible to have that while being a kid still? Hmmm, I thought not. *sigh* So, I’ll have to continue with this "adult" nonsense. Will someone pour me a drink?