Will someone tell me, when the cops are called to break up a party, aren’t they supposed to be stopping all the noise rather than causing more of it? I mean, while I’m glad that someone in the building called them after asking (or really, telling) them to quiet down, but DAMN… if I was trying to sleep, I certainly couldn’t with that cop’s shrill voice getting louder and louder!

The damn party’s been going on since I got home hours ago – I was talking to Poker and Steph tonight (not together) and they  could hear it… and I wasn’t holding the phone up or anything. It’s a Sunday, for heaven’s sake! I think the last person left about a half hour ago and the cops left 5 minutes ago. *sigh* Apparently, everyone gave me a month to get adjusted, then they let loose!

Gonna drink another beer now. My neighbor won’t shut up about the fucking injustice.